One location – many styles.
Culture in the sim.

While you are training with us in the simulation centre Frankfurt am Main just look around and be inspired from the beauty of the art that you will find in our location. Oil paintings, sculptures, and works of art or collages – the forms of this expressiveness are manifold. According to the motto from Ralf Scherer "Life without art would be poorer – life without medicine would be shorter".

Therefore CardioSkills® makes it possible for artists to exhibit their works which in turn contributes to the harmony between medicine and art, you are welcome to visit the exhibition at the simulation centre daily as well as during the training times.

Sound in the sim.

To appeal to all senses is the aim and philosophy of CardioSkills®. Our Sunday matinees with classical music and jazz begins each time at 11 o’clock.

Cabaret in the sim.
Starting from the middle of 2009 we will round off our culture in the sim with cabaret and readings.

Gaz and the Groovers
CardioSkills Hof