CardioSkills Mobile
One methodology — multiple technologies. CardioSkills® equipment.

Standstill is a word which is important when it arises at CardioSkills® during an emergency simulation and CPR has to be performed. This is because the simulators we use do not only correspond to the latest technology, but are also constantly updated and/or self-developed. CardioSkills® Technology.

The scope: the most modern medical simulators from endovascular simulation and full-scale patient simulation; a Boeing 737 cockpit simulator as well as a fully equipped virtual reality cath lab for team training and emergency management training (crew-resource management). Which also happens to be the only simulation cath lab in Europe.

Most modern video debriefing systems and high-speed data networks are a matter of course for us and help our educational learning concepts to focus in on the core issues.

After all, when using medical simulators nothing would be more fatal than relying on only one type of simulator. On the contrary, it is the combination of different simulation technologies which makes representative learning possible and creates a new quality of simulation training using the CardioSkills® concepts.

By the way: The simulation technique is not meant to be and cannot be a replacement for traditional medical training. What it is, is an enormous and decisive enhancement. This is why CardioSkills® was among the pioneers of this methodology right from the very start.